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Wrinkles affect the whole body, but facial wrinkles are especially pronounced and can be difficult to accept.

Pronounced wrinkles

Wrinkles are cracks in the skin induced by natural skin ageing. But this process can be accelerated by environmental and behavioural factors such as the sun, stress, the consumption of smoking and alcohol as well as other factors

Among these factors, some like the sun and smoking cigarettes, primarily concern the face, which is less protected from external aggressions than the rest of the body which tends to be covered.

The classification of facial wrinkles

There are two types of facial wrinkles:

  • Dynamic wrinkles. These are expression wrinkles like the wrinkles running across the forehead, ‘lion’ wrinkles or crow’s feet.
  • Static wrinkles. These set in as the skin starts to sag. They are, for example, frown lines, nasolabial fold and wrinkles of the neck and chest.

Some specialists distinguish a third type of wrinkle, which is particularly due to prolonged or unprotected exposure to the sun or smoking. It corresponds to wrinkles on the cheek and in the mouth area.

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