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Close up of woman showing wrinkles under eyes

With age, cell renewal decreases, the skin gets thinner, dehydrates and loses its elasticity. Wrinkles therefore form particularly on the face because this one is permanently exposed, and then over the whole body but often in a less pronounced way.

Accelerating factors

The process of skin ageing is “programmed” by each person’s genetic profile. It is this which determines the rhythm of the body’s ageing.

Other factors linked to lifestyle can add to this “programming” and accelerate this natural process. They are principally:

To these factors you can add the mechanical action of the repeated contraction of the facial muscles.

All of these elements have an impact on the appearance of the first wrinkles, on their number and depth. Conclusion: even if you cannot do anything about the things that have been genetically programmed for you, it is still possible to work on the factors linked to your lifestyle (see your Coaching).

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