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The steps to the formation of a wrinkle in the last layer of the skin

The hypodermis can be compared to a fatty cushion protecting from shocks. It helps maintain the body temperature and supports structures like the hair roots. This deep layer acts as an interface between the skin and the organs such as the bones and the muscles.

The hypodermis, a fatty tissue

The third and last layer of the skin, the hypodermis is located just underneath the dermis, to which it is link by the dermo-hypodermal junction.  This layer is mainly comprised of adipocytes, cells dedicated to storing fat, which represent between 15 and 30% of total body mass.

A storage area

If you fast for a long time or if our body has a great need of energy, it will feed itself from the adipose tissue.  Conversely, if you eat more than you need to, the adipose tissue serves as a place of storage.

However, note that the thickness of the adipose tissue depends directly upon the diet, but also on:

  • The area of the body
  • The gender of the person

Further information to consider – with age, the thickness of the hypodermis diminishes.

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