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24h effectiveness stick deodorant, alcohol and fragrance-free

Déodorant stick KEOPS®

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The KEOPS® Stick Deodorant from the RoC® brand provides 24h effectiveness without aluminum salts. Its odour capture complex helps to eliminate body perspiration odours.

Formulated to minimize the risks of allergies

Proven Results

Your skin stays fresh and free of unpleasant odours for 24 hours. Alcohol and fragrance free, it does not irritate the skin. It helps soften the skin and is comfortable to RoC® KEOPS® DEODORANT Stick Deodorantuse.


Apply on clean and dry skin. Can be used anytime during the day and even after depilation.

Key Ingredients

Citronellyl methylcrotonate: an odour sensor that neutralises unpleasant odours linked to perspiration.