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ENYDRIAL® Moisturising Cream

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The ENYDRIAL® Moisturising Cream from the RoC® brand has been formulated to compensate for the deficiencies of dry skin *. It brings moisture and lipidic agents needed by the skin, to help restore the lost level of hydration** and create a protective barrier which prevents excessive evaporation of moisture contained in the epidermis.

Relaxing fragrance

Non comedogenic

Formulated to minimize the risks of allergies

* Lack of lipidic agents and water, alteration of the cutaneous barrier, dryness, discomfort.

** Hydration of the upper layers of the skin

Proven Results

Moisturised, your skin regains its optimal level of hydration. Supple and soft, it rediscovers a sensation of extreme comfort.


<p>Apply once or twice a day on cleansed face and neck. Its creamy texture quickly penetrates into the skin.**</p>
<p class="small-text">** Hydration of the upper layers of the skin</p>

Key Ingredients

This dermo-cosmetic skin cream uses the RoC® emollient technology:

  • An emollient complex (Glycerin + Shea butter) for a moisture replenishing action
  • Oil and wax for a protective action
  • Vitamin E an antioxidant