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Close up of woman showing in the neck

Generally we give special attention to facial wrinkles, to the detriment of the neck and chest, even though they are also exposed to factors which accelerate skin ageing. As time goes by, these areas can indeed display a large amount of wrinkles.

Neck or chest wrinkles are not caused by the repeated movement of skin muscles. They are not expression wrinkles, or dynamic wrinkles, but on the contrary they are static wrinkles.

The formation of chest wrinkles

Chest wrinkles are normally vertical. They come from the start of the chest, then they stretch here and there, towards the collarbones.

They are mostly due to natural ageing, because the skin in this area is very thin. Fragile, it is vulnerable to the factors which accelerate natural ageing such as prolonged sun exposure or smoking, which leads to a significant production of free radicals, molecules which attack the body’s healthy cells.

The formation of neck wrinkles

Neck wrinkles, horizontal, form as the skin starts to sag.

The skin is comprised of numerous elements such as:

  • Collagen fibres.
    Produced by fibroblasts, they form a dense network, responsible for the skin’s resistance to forces of stretching or tension.
  • Elastin fibres.
    Also produced by fibroblasts and linked in a network, they give the skin its elasticity and also its resistance to tension.

Over the years, collagen and elastin fibres continually renew themselves, which allows them to play their roles well. But as more time passes, their synthesis reduces. The network of fibres becomes less dense and the skin is less firm. That is why it ends up sagging and slackening.

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