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Wrinkles which are situated around the mouth have many names:

- Sun lines;

- Smoker’s wrinkles;

- Bar codes, in a more flippant way.

They are positioned on the upper lip and lie vertically. As their names imply they are normally due to sun exposure and smoking.

The impact of time, the sun and smoking

As the years pass, the process of skin ageing gets underway. The skin cells renew themselves less quickly and work less well. The skin dehydrates itself and gets thinner, and cracks appear and give rise to wrinkles. This process can follow the rhythm programmed by an individual’s genes. But it may also be accelerated by external factors like the sun and tobacco.

The sun acts through ultraviolet rays which penetrate the skin and are capable:

  • To trigger the production of free radicals, these molecules which attack healthy cells;
  • To alter the DNA of cells, DNA being the molecule which carries the genetic information: it is at the at the basis of all commands, functioning and lifespan of each element of the body. If it is destroyed, the cells suffer.

Tobacco also provokes the manufacture of free radicals. It reduces the synthesis of collagen and elastin which gives resistance and elasticity to the skin.

All of these elements are involved in the appearance, sometimes premature, of circumoral wrinkles.

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