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These wrinkles are located around the eyes: they are not just those found at the corners of them.

The most numerous eye wrinkles are expression wrinkles, simply because we use the muscles situated under the skin around the eye very frequently.

They appear as the years pass, as the skin grows thinner, dehydrates and loses elasticity and firmness. Certain environmental factors can accelerate this phenomenon and in particular repeated and unprotected exposure to the sun.

Eye wrinkles can also be explained by a lack of sleep, stressful periods or an unbalanced diet.

Two types of eye wrinkles

The eyes are affected by two types of wrinkles, named according to their location:

- crow’s feet which appears at the outer corners of the eyes

- the lion wrinkle or the glabella wrinkle which forms between the eyebrows

Also, fine lines, often horizontal, appear around the lower eyelid.

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