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Close up of woman showing wrinkles under eyes

Expression wrinkles form after the repeated use of the facial muscle. Until you reach a certain age, creases appear and disappear with facial expressions. For example, when one smiles, creases form at the corner of the mouth. When we think, we frown our eyebrows and let a groove dig in between our eyes and on our forehead. But the skin regains its smooth look when the face ceases to express these emotions.

Expression wrinkles over time

From 20 years of age, the skin ageing process kicks off which leads to a loss of skin elasticity. With time, it is less and less able to regain its smooth appearance after each muscular contraction.

The age at which these expression wrinkles appear, the number of them and their depth depends on each individual, on their genes, their lifestyle but also of course on the expressiveness of their face.


It is entirely logical that expression wrinkles are found on the most expressive parts of the face, in particular the eye area, with crow’s feet at the outer corner of the eyes, or between the eyebrows as in the lion wrinkle.

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