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Deep wrinkles, feared by many women, are the manifestation of a change at the heart of the skin-muscle pairing.

The sagging of the skin

As time passes, the production of collagen and elastin which gives resistance and elasticity to the skin, decreases. The skin, then tends to relax. This phenomenon is called skin ageing.

The shortening of the muscles

The muscles of the face shorten and retract thereby setting the expression wrinkles which become permanent.

The shortening of the muscles is particularly visible in the areas of the face which are rich in muscle. This is how deep expression wrinkles are formed like crow’s feet or the lion wrinkle.

External factors

The sun and the consumption of tobacco leads to the significant production of free radicals, molecules which attack the healthy cells of the body. Free radicals, responsible for the dysfunctioning or death of the cells, act upon all types of cells, including the muscle cells. They are therefore equally responsible for the appearance of deep wrinkles.

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