RoC® History:


In 1943, pharmacist Jean-Charles LISSARRAGUE took the head of the Rogé Cavaillès pharmacy in Paris, which is specialized in dermatology and magisterial preparations. Jean-Charles LISSARAGUE is seen as true visionary in the cosmetic industry, combining beauty with the pharmaceutical rigor.

He understood that every woman, especially those with skin issues, was passionate about being able to look and feel more beautiful, and was seeking products that she could use with confidence. So, he used his pharmaceutical skills to select the most beneficial ingredients to the skin, so as to create products that delivered real and meaningful results, not just superficial effects on the skin.

In the beginning of the 1950’s, he developed, as per dermatologists’ request, the first non-perfumed formula: The RoC® brand was born (abbreviation of Rogé Cavaillès).From its beginning, the RoC® brand has led the way in skincare innovation, from being the first hypoallergenic* cosmetic brand, to the patenting of breakthrough molecules such as Retinol, THPE and E-PULSE®. The RoC® brand was a pioneer in sun-care products too, with the launch in 1957 of the first total sun block on the market.

The RoC® brand is the first cosmetic brand to make science accessible to consumers. Thanks to the introduction of pure stabilized Vitamin A (Retinol), the RoC® brand is considered as a leader in the treatment for visible reduction of wrinkles. The brand’s most recent innovation harnesses the science of bioelectricity to create a topical skincare product to treat the signs of aging – a completely revolutionary approach.

Today we believe that as the RoC® brand science advances, it must be dedicated to further enhancing women’s beauty and pleasure in using our products. Our passion and attention to detail make the RoC® product formulation process not just a technique but truly an art.

*formulated to minimise risks of allergies